Our School - Our Staff

Our staff will provide you and your child with excellent support and care, ensuring the best school experience and a warm welcome.

Leadership Team


Steve Routledge

Acting Deputy Principal

Aaron Pye

Deputy Principal

Sam Turrell

Deputy Principal

Amanda Pickersgill

Manager Corporate Services

Julie Feast


Administration Team

Corporate Services Officers

Kristy Pike

Cathy Reddish

Charissa Dingle


Student Services

School Psychologist

Joanne Jones


Luzanne Smit


Library Officer

Sue McKendry


Teaching Staff


Kimberley Lishman

Louise Wickes

Nicole Forrest



Richard Turvill

Kristy Dickson

Nadine Fordham

Lauren Jones

Brooke Anderson


Year 1

Katie Crowe

Kristy Blakers

Libbie Allen

Emily Jancey


Year 2

Danielle Anderson

Colleen Carpenter

Gianna Chiffelle

Samantha Dixon

Cristy Hoffmeister


Year 3

Zoe Butler

Kyle Doughty

Sondra Ghobrial

Dannielle Wild


Year 4

Ashleigh Brady

Kendal Carruth

Aaron Pye

Emily-Jane Russell

Janice East


Year 5

Timothy Bailey

Briana Bunce

Christine Quinn

Joe Martin


Year 6

Tim Etheridge

Melissa Checksfield

Dawn Dobson



Lisa Gandy

Kristy Bruggeman

Telhia Castagna – Health  / Art Junior



Jenni O’Byrne


Physical Education

Garry James - PE 

Dylan Campbell – PE / Health


Teacher Support

Denise Dunn

Kellie Madsen

Kayla Phillips


Education Assistants


Nikki Brimson

Jane Copeland

Brigitte Foley

Mitchell Goode

Rhonda Haddrill

Kristy Hitchcock

Sally McMurdo

Anita O’Brien

Dionne Penfold

Jacki Robins

Kariece Rundle

Careena Shilton

Daniel Staszak

Justine Turpaud

Lucie Volante